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Lelia  from Sherwood Park 
Love the welcoming atmosphere and small class sizes!  Plus, the instructors are just awesome!

Christine   from North Edmonton
When I first started seeing Rhonda, I had never formally worked out a day in my life.  

I was too embarrassed to go to the gym because I was weak and didn't know where to start.

 Then I heard about Rhonda through a friend.  My husband and I wanted to get pregnant and I wanted to be

as healthy as possible when we started trying.

 After 12 sessions with Rhonda, I felt the best I had ever felt in my life.  I felt both strong and healthy.  

As someone who struggled with anxiety, my anxiety was almost non-existent.  

My favourite part of our work-outs was the kickboxing.

 I am an introvert, and the kickboxing was an amazing stress release for me.  

It also made me feel incredibly empowered.  I should also note that we got pregnant quickly and I had a healthy, textbook pregnancy, which I am sure was facilitated by being so physically fit. 
And I couldn't wait to get back to a full workout regimen after baby was born.  I am very grateful to Rhonda for pushing and encouraging me, and providing a safe environment for me to get started!  I am really looking forward to the fall open of Iron Goddess Kickboxing!

Crystal   from St Albert 
Iron Goddess has helped me change the shape of my body in less than 2 months.

Down over 17 inches!  The classes are exciting, uplifting, fun and powerful.

What a great environment for women and girls.  

I can't wait until my daughter is 10 so she can join the kickboxing classes for strength and self esteem. 

Shannon   from South Edmonton
Pleasant, positive, well-equipped environment from the moment you walk in. Ladies you can take women's empowerment to a whole new level because this is not your average gym! Iron Goddess will offer you great staff that create a "personal" experience and provide support for your individual fitness dreams. Rhonda, the owner, is the heart of Iron Goddess and that's evident when you meet her. She is well-equipped to create an amazing program for you if desired, but the variety of fitness classes will suit all levels from beginning to advanced. You Will see results. Even if you have old injuries, the staff will guide you on how to tweak your work out while supporting strong, safe body mechanics with a solid exercise session. Rhonda cares about your success and health regime whether you show up for one class or you become a regular and it's my guess that you will gladly return. I will say: Passion, Heart, Support, Empowerment, Results: you will feel Rhonda's presence and her ability to connect you to all levels of personal growth plus you get the benefit of her uplifting, inspirational approach. You'll want to join after just one visit--I did!

Sandy   from Sherwood Park  
Favourite Class:  Intermediate Kickboxing - challenging, fun, changes every week.

Plus, so fun with the same group of ass kicking ladies!

Elaine   from Sherwood Park 
Since I started kickboxing, I've noticed benefits to my strength, flexibility, and balance (a real bonus at my age - 71). If I had known how much fun kicking and punching things can be, I would have started a long time ago!  

Nicole   from Terwillegar 
Rhonda has changed my life. It’s a big statement to make, but the truth should never be minimized. With Rhonda’s expertise, guidance, commitment, inspiration and friendship, I have been able to transform my life. Through the exceptional highs to those early morning lows, Rhonda was there, day in and day out, to keep pushing me further as I strove to meet my fitness goals. On the days when I needed the extra dose of energy, needed assistance navigating the grocery store, and most importantly on the days where I was ready to push myself to new limits, Rhonda was there and continues to be there for me to this day.  I look forward to entering the gym knowing that Rhonda is there with a different circuit every time that will test my body.  Rhonda refuses to let me give up on myself and because of that I have set and achieved fitness goals I never thought I would ever be able to achieve and I look forward to all the exciting challenges and goals in the future. I’m living like I mean it (as Rhonda always reminds her clients to do) and loving every minute of it.  So what I’ve been trying to say is THANK YOU Rhonda for giving me hope, life and most importantly happiness.

Angela  from Tofield 
It has been my distinct pleasure to train with Rhonda.  Her enthusiasm and ability to boost self-confidence is second to none.  Rhonda's personal training sessions are very functional and always incorporate all muscle groups.  She is very driven and believes in what she does.  This translates into a high level of motivation for her clients.  Rhonda always ensures proper technique to rule out injury.  She consistently educates herself and is up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge techniques in the fitness industry.  She constantly looks for new ways to motivate her clients to achieve their goals.  On a personal note, I have known Rhonda for several years.  Aside from being my personal trainer, she has instructed classes that I have participated in.  I always look forward to training with Rhonda, as she encourages me to go beyond my limits and train to my full potential.  Above all, she makes our training sessions a lot of fun.

Bev   from Sherwood Park 
I have been training with Rhonda since Feb 15, 2011 upon a recommendation from a mutual friend.  Not a firm believer in the importance of a fitness trainer I took this route due to a fractured tailbone at Christmas and the urgency I felt in keeping up with my fitness level.  I have always been active with boot camps, weight training, running, cycling and fitness classes and felt I was about as fit as I could be as a plus 50 woman.  I have also had breast surgery, reconstruction and felt my upper body was insufficient in its tone. I heard about Rhonda from a mutual friend and finally contacted her when I was ready to start working out, feeling very tentative about my injury and its impact on my training.  From the very beginning, Rhonda took my concerns and worked with me slowly, ensuring that I was not re-injuring myself.  Then, working with her twice a week and attending her TRX class my fitness level started to improved quickly.  My long term goal was making myself stronger and fitter while decreasing pain, not weight loss. Our one hour sessions were impressive from the start, Rhonda was always focused on me; form, structure and having fun.  Although the workouts were tough and kept getting tougher, Rhonda was always positive and increased challenges through ever changing routines and exercises I had never seen or heard about before.  She introduced me to TRX, kickboxing, balance boards and core training.  Rhonda inspired me from the beginning with her incredible fitness level, lifestyle as a single mother, and her ability to really do it all.  She was professional and punctual, while being flexible with both of our commitments to family and other obligations.  Even when she broke her foot she was always there for me. Our Saturday morning workouts were the greatest - and I am not a morning person! I did suffer a setback with my tailbone injury which healed quickly with her precision sessions combined with my chiropractic treatments.  Rhonda always offered advice about training intensity, duration, nutrition and motivation. She closely monitors posture and form; I am amazed that I sometimes slip into poor form and she continually gets me back on track.  This has most likely prevented further injury and back problems.  Most importantly, in the short time we have worked together I have seen amazing results and have never been more fit in my life.  My upper body no longer has “bat wings” and I now have back and shoulder muscles I am proud of.  On June 3-5th she was a part of a Fitness Weekend in Banff which I participated in.  The weekend was full of boot camps, runs, hill training, hikes, Pilates and weight training.  I had such a great time and that was mostly due to my training and my ability to keep up with everyone being the oldest member there.  I’d recommend Rhonda to anyone looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable trainer with a sense of humour who can make the process of getting stronger and healthier a fun and rewarding journey.

Clarisa  from Sherwood Park 
I was training with Rhonda for over 6 months after my pregnancy and I can say that she is highly professional and an excellent trainer.  She is very passionate about her work and understood my needs and goals. Because of her knowledge and background in different disciplines she made each session different and exciting.  She is a very positive person, and gave me guidance and the courage to keep going and to challenge myself.  Rhonda keeps track of your progress and always looks for improvement. She gently corrected me when working out and always placed emphasis on the correct posture. I never felt uncomfortable, bored or wanting to quit because we worked hard I was always seeing results!I lost over 25 pounds training with Rhonda, and I feel much more energetic, stronger and more confident about myself!

Heather  from Sherwood Park 
I have been training with Rhonda for almost 9 months now and I have been amazed with the progress and overall experience that I have had.  I started seeing Rhonda as I had been suffering from years of chronic pain and had lost a lot of the strength in the right side of my body.  We began to work together and I quickly started to see not only an increase in my strength, but an overall increase in my mental and emotional well-being as she kept me motivated and supported me through the issues I was having to ensure each session was benefitting me.  One of the best parts about training with Rhonda is her incorporation of kickboxing into her training sessions.  Given her extensive background in martial arts, I felt confident that she was training me with proper technique. This focus on technique and intensity allowed me to strengthen my body to the point of being relatively pain free which is an amazing feeling.  I continue to train with Rhonda because of the variety in her sessions and the intensity which she demands when you are training with her.  She continues to motivate me every time and I am so happy with the results.

Susan from Sherwood Park 
Why do I keep coming?  Results, results, results!  The combination of strength, kickboxing and yoga has kicked my fitness way up.  Plus the fun instructors, variety of classes and super fun members makes me want to come every day!
Favourite things about instructors:
~ Rhonda - Always encouraging and motivating.  Awesome workouts!
~ Carrie - Sweetest ass kicking ever!  She is adorable, but then the next day I can hardly work!
~ Leanne - Awesome workouts, great energy.  Plus she is awesome about making a workout suit me!