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A Company Built For Women 

Striving to fulfill a much needed gap for females in the fitness arena, Iron Goddess gives women their own beautiful clean fitness studio with huge variety of Strength, Yoga, TRX, Kettlebells, Zumba, Guided stretch therapy, Pilates and an incredible Kickboxing program that can be done for fun or increase in levels towards a Blackbelt status. 

Iron Goddess is much more than a "gym", we are synergy of fitness, beauty and health, striving to help and encourage a balanced life for all women – young, old, fit, beginner.  We offer an incredible variety of ways to get fit, Nutrition transformation programs, Personal Training & Custom programs. On top of all the fitness Iron Goddess has health and beauty services on the main floor for a complete experience, 

We are committed to the success of our members by providing an exciting, encouraging and supportive atmosphere for women to reach their full potential. 

Iron Goddess is for real women, living real lives. 


We just provide the path, the support, and the tools to get there. Everyone’s goddess is different, that’s why we have such a diversity of options. Find your own level of fitness, wellness and community with Iron Goddess and have fun doing it.​​

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Our Facilities

Iron Goddess has 4600 SqFt on 2 floors. Reception is on our main floor as you come in. Accompanying our reception is our store and beautiful lounge / waiting area. On the main floor is our large fully facilitated change room, Nutritional consult room, as well as three businesses, offering services that compliment a well rounded approach to fitness, health and beauty. Such as a hair salon, Nurse Practitioner, Aesthetician. On the second floor is our training space with 2 large studios, social lounge and bathroom. Come have a look and see why our un-intimidating, beautiful facility is loved by so many.

Dedicated Instructors 

Iron Goddess brings you a high calibre team of instructors, personal trainers and fitness leaders, that are not only Veterans in their field but are compassionate and super fun. Making you feel welcome from the moment you walk through the doors here at IG. You will be excited about getting to safely to your goals, as well being motivated, encouraged and supported. 

Pleasant, positive, well-equipped environment from the moment you walk in. Ladies you can take women's empowerment to a whole new level because this is not your average gym! Iron Goddess will offer you great staff that create a "personal" experience and provide support for your individual fitness dreams. 

Iron Goddess Kickboxing, Fitness, Health, lifestyle change, Iron Godess Logos, Sherwood Park
Iron Goddess Kickboxing, Personal training, Instructors, Gym, Transformation

Why do I keep coming?  Results, results, results!  The combination of strength, kickboxing and yoga has kicked my fitness way up.  Plus the great instructors, variety of classes and super fun members makes me want to come every day!