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Breakfast oatmeal squares
Prep Time: 5 minutes    Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Healthy Protein Blueberry Waffles
| Prep time: 5 mins | Cook time: 10 mins | Total time: 15 mins |Serves: 3 Waffles|
|Serving size: 1 Waffle | Calories: 192 | Fat: 3 Carbohydrates: 16 | Fiber: 3 | Protein: 25|

Mini Egg Frittatas
|80 Calories |Prep Time: 10 minutes| Cook Time: 25 minutes| Total Time: 35 minutes|

Breakfast Power Bowl
Prep time:  10 mins         Total time:  4 hours 10 mins
Cook/Refrigeration time:  4 hours            Serves: 2


    1 cup fresh ripe blackberries, rinsed
    1 cup Greek yogurt
    Assorted fruits and nuts for garnish( I used strawberries, raspberries, tangerine segments, sliced bananas, chopped kiwi and Spanish peanuts)
    Honey flax granola
    1 cup old fashioned oats
    2 Tbsp vegetable oil
    1 Tbsp honey
    2 Tbsp flax seeds


   1. Set oven to 350F
   2. To make the granola, toss the oats with the oil, honey, and flax seeds to coat well.
   3. Spread the oats out onto a baking sheet and bake for about 15-20 minutes, until the oats are golden brown. I give the pan a stir several times during the baking. Let cool.
   4. To make the smoothie, put the berries in a blender and blend until pureed. Add the yogurt and blend again until smooth.
   5. Spoon the yogurt into a shallow bowl and top with assorted fruits and nuts. Sprinkle the granola over the top and enjoy.

Recipe from:http://theviewfromgreatisland.com/breakfast-smoothie-bowl/

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl
Yield: serves 1-2


2 large (preferably organic) eggs
a tiny pinch of fine grain sea salt
a few tablespoons of chopped chives
a dollop of pesto
a bit of goat cheese or feta
a small handful of mixed salad greens


   1. Use a fork to beat the eggs and salt in a small bowl. Beat well, until the eggs are mostly uniform in color - they seem to run around the pan more evenly when there aren't huge patches of yolk vs. whites.
2.  In your largest non-stick skillet over medium heat (this is one of the few occasions I actually use non-stick) pour the egg mixture and give it a good swirl so that they spread out thinly across the entire pan. Alternately, you can use a crepe pan or crepe maker - this works beautifully as well. Sprinkle the eggs with some of the chives and let them set, this happens quickly depending on the heat of your pan - 15 seconds to one minute.
   3. Run a spatula underneath the omelette and slide it out of the pan (flat) onto a countertop, large cutting board or Silpat-line cookie sheet. Do this with confidence (or practice).
    4. Spread the pesto across the surface of the omelette (if you have a thick pesto, thin it a bit with water to make it easily spreadable), and then sprinkle with the cheese and salad greens. Starting with one end, roll the omelette away from you. Cut in half on a deep diagonal. Season with a bit more salt if needed and serve garnished with a few chopped chives.

Recipe from: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/skinny-omelette-recipe.html

1 Egg
2 Egg whites
½ Cup (40g) Oats
2 Scoops (60g) Vanilla Protein Powder (ISOPURE Vanilla WPI)
¼ Cup (60g) non-fat Greek yogurt
¼ Cup (60g) unsweetened applesauce

   1. In a blender add all the ingredients
   2. Blend until smooth
   3. Add batter to waffle iron
   4. Top with ¼ Cup (35g) blueberries
   5. Repeat twice more

Recipe from: https://www.thedietchefs.com/healthy-protein-blueberry-waffles-recipe/

    ⅔ cup cooked quinoa
    3 tbsp chia seeds
    1 cup unsweetened almond or coconut milk
    ½ tsp vanilla
    ½ cup rinsed blueberries
    1 banana, sliced
    3 tbsp slivered almonds
    2 tbsp melted almond butter (or other nut butter)
    1 tbsp raw honey
    1 tbsp dark chocolate chips or cocoa nibs (optional)
    *Other optional toppings // sliced strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, kiwi, peaches, coconut shavings, goji berries, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, nut butters, cacao nibs, or crunchy granola


   1. Stir together cooked quinoa, chia seeds, almond (or coconut) milk, and vanilla in a medium-sized serving bowl, until combined.
   2. Pour mixture into one or two serving dishes. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight (or at least 4 hours).

 When ready to eat

   1. Rinse and slice fresh fruit.
   2. Combine almond butter and honey in a saucepan or microwave-safe dish. Heat until warm.
    3. Top quinoa pudding with fruit, slivered almonds, chocolate (optional), and a drizzle of the almond butter/honey mixture.
    4. Serve and enjoy immediately.
** Gluten Free

Recipe from:http://www.simplyhappenstance.com/breakfast-power-bowl/


    2 cups oats (I use old-fashioned oats)
    4 cups water
Flavour variations:
* Stir in applesauce and cinnamon after oats are cooked.
* Stir in pumpkin after oats are cooked and after set, top with peanut butter.
* Stir n peanut butter and top with jam or chocolate drizzle.
* Stir in honey (or maple syrup or brown sugar) and top with fruit and/or yogurt.
* Serve savory with eggs and soy sauce, or cheese and veggies.


    Bring water to a boil in a large pot. Add oats and reduce heat to medium.
    Cook for 5 minutes, then cover and let sit for 3-5 minutes.
    Pour oatmeal into a greased 8x8 or 9x9 pan. Cool then cover and refrigerate overnight.
    Cut a square - or circle or whatever shape you like - and add desired toppings
Recipe from: http://www.familyfoodonthetable.com/breakfast-oatmeal-squares/

Skinny Omelette
Serves: 1 or 2

Avocado Toast

|257 calories | Prepare time: 10 minutes | Serving: 1 slice|



    10 large eggs
    1 cup chopped bell peppers
    1/2 cup chopped onion
    1 cup cooked crumbled breakfast sausage, bacon or diced ham
    1 cup chopped spinach
    1 teaspoon kosher salt
    1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper


   1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray a non-stick or silicone muffin tin with non-stick cooking spray.
   2. Heat olive oil into a non-stick frying pan over medium high heat. Add the bell pepper and onion and sauté for 2 to 3 minutes. Stir in the meat and spinach and cook an additional 2 minutes. Place 1 heaping Tablespoon into each muffin cup.
   3. Next whisk the eggs into a medium size bowl. Stir in the salt and pepper.  Then pour over the meat mixture in the muffin tin, leaving 1/4" from the top.
   4. Cook for 23 to 25 minutes, or until the egg has puffed and comes clean with a toothpick.
   5. Run a knife around the edges to pop the egg frittatas out. Enjoy while hot.
   6. Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator. Eat within 5 days.

Recipe from: http://www.iheartnaptime.net/mini-egg-frittatas/




   1 slice of rye bread
   ¼ of an avocado
   Olive Oil
   1 egg


   1. Grab a slice of freshly toasted bread (seriously, don't mess this up and let your toast sit too long or it will become as hard as a crouton).
   2. Take ¼ of an avocado and smash it all over the toast.
   3. Add salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil.
   4. Next, cook one sunny side-up egg and add it to the top of your avocado toast.

Recipe from:  https://www.thrillist.com/health/nation/healthy-low-calorie-breakfast-ideas